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As a bilingual entrepreneur and engineer rooted in Helsingborg, Sweden, I specialize in an array of disciplines including web design, branding, illustration, PHP application development, and search engine optimization. With a rich and varied professional background spanning diverse fields and industries, my expertise culminated in the past year, where I dedicated my efforts to crafting and implementing a sophisticated software solution tailored for music industry professionals within a dynamic fintech start-up environment. I'm available to assist you with your next project!


2022 - Current

Chief Product Officer / Founder

Sledga LTD

Leading the company's product strategy and development, I oversee the entire product lifecycle in my current role as Chief Product Officer. I actively collaborate with cross-functional teams to deliver innovative solutions aligned with our business objectives. My responsibilities include setting the product vision, defining roadmaps, and conducting ongoing market research to keep our products competitive. Through my current leadership and strategic planning, I continue to contribute to the ongoing success and growth of the company.

2016 - 2022

Design Engineer


In my previous role as a Design Engineer, I played a key role in conceptualizing and developing innovative solutions. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, I contributed to the design and development of products from inception to completion. I utilized engineering principles and CAD tools to create detailed designs, conducted feasibility studies, and ensured that the products met quality and performance standards. As a Design Engineer, my focus was on delivering high-quality, functional, and cost-effective solutions that aligned with project specifications and client requirements.

2016 - Current

Director & Founder

Soundrive (formerly UFO Recordz)

In my current role as the Owner of a record label, I oversee all aspects of the business, from talent acquisition to strategic partnerships. I am responsible for shaping the artistic direction of the label, scouting and signing talented artists, and negotiating contracts. My leadership involves coordinating album releases, marketing campaigns, and promotional activities to maximize the visibility and success of our artists. As the owner, I am also actively engaged in business development, seeking opportunities for growth and navigating the evolving landscape of the music industry. Overall, my role is to cultivate a thriving environment for creativity while ensuring the label's sustainable growth and success in the dynamic music market.

2008 - 2016

Sprinkler Fitter

Webber Fire Supplies & Services

In my previous role as a Sprinkler Fitter, I installed and maintained fire protection systems. This involved reading and interpreting blueprints, selecting appropriate materials, and assembling and installing piping systems for sprinklers. I collaborated closely with other construction professionals to ensure compliance with safety codes and regulations. My responsibilities included testing and troubleshooting systems to identify and resolve issues, as well as performing routine maintenance to ensure optimal functionality. As a Sprinkler Fitter, I played a critical role in enhancing fire safety measures in various settings, contributing to the overall safety and security of buildings and their occupants.


2021 - 2022

Social Media Marketing

Udemy Academy

I successfully completed an online Social Media Marketing course on Udemy, gaining comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in leveraging social platforms for effective marketing strategies. The course covered key aspects such as creating engaging content, utilizing advertising tools, and implementing analytics to measure campaign performance.


Through hands-on exercises and real-world examples, I honed my ability to develop and execute successful social media campaigns tailored to diverse audiences. This training has equipped me with the expertise needed to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of social media, enhancing my capabilities to drive brand awareness, engagement, and conversion in the digital space.

2021 - 2022

Music Publishing

Udemy Academy

I have completed a specialized Music Publishing course on Udemy, gaining valuable insights and skills in the dynamic field of music rights and royalties. The course covered key aspects such as copyright protection, licensing agreements, royalty tracking, and the business intricacies of music publishing.


Through practical examples and case studies, I acquired a deep understanding of the music publishing landscape and the various revenue streams associated with it. This training has equipped me with the knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of music publishing, ensuring fair compensation for artists and composers while effectively managing the legal and business aspects of the industry.

2017 - 2021

Autocad & Revit

Practical (AFRY)

I possess advanced skills in both AutoCAD and Revit, acquired through extensive training and practical application. In AutoCAD, I am adept at creating precise 2D drawings and detailed technical plans, utilizing the software's extensive drafting and design tools. Additionally, my proficiency extends to Revit, where I excel in developing 3D models and creating Building Information Modelling (BIM) designs.


I have successfully applied these skills in various projects, ensuring accurate representations of architectural and engineering concepts. My expertise in AutoCAD and Revit enhances my ability to contribute effectively to design and construction processes, streamlining workflows and promoting collaborative and efficient project outcomes.

2016 - 2017

Web Design

Code Institute

I have completed a comprehensive Web Design course at Code Institute, where I gained practical skills and knowledge in designing and developing responsive and user-friendly websites. The curriculum covered HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other essential technologies for creating modern and visually appealing web interfaces.


Through hands-on projects and assignments, I developed proficiency in wireframing, prototyping, and implementing design principles to enhance user experience. This course at Code Institute has provided me with a solid foundation in web design, enabling me to create compelling and functional websites that meet industry standards and user expectations.

2015 - 2016

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Academy

I have successfully completed the Photoshop certification program at Adobe Academy, acquiring advanced skills and knowledge in utilizing Adobe Photoshop for graphic design and image editing. The comprehensive training covered a range of techniques, including photo retouching, color correction, and digital composition.


This certification attests to my proficiency in leveraging Photoshop's extensive features to create visually compelling designs and high-quality imagery. With this qualification, I am well-equipped to bring creativity and precision to diverse projects, ensuring a professional and polished visual impact.



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